Pricing of Õhtuleht is based on CPM model. CPM (cost per mille) means that the page containing the advertisement has been loaded 1,000 times.

Õhtuleht’s website uses advertisements in GIF, JPG, PNG, MP4 and HTML formats. In addition we accept third party scripts on condition that the content meets all the requirements in this document.

Maximum permitted size of advertising file is 50 KB. Maximum permitted size of video file is 2 MB.

Õhtuleht has the right to reject an advertisement if its content is not in accordance with the law, if it is illegal, improper, misleading, offensive or resembles the design of Õhtuleht.

Õhtuleht does not take responsibility for the quality of advertised goods and services.

Õhtuleht releases the statistics to the client during the campaign and a month after the end of the campaign.

Õhtuleht does not take responsibility for the lawfulness of displayed advertisements. The customer is obliged to check that the advertisements published in Õhtuleht are in accordance with the law and when placing an order the client confirms that in case of offence against the law, the customer will cover the resulting costs.

Advertising Etiquette

Advertisement must not be misleading. For instance, the banner should not resemble the dialogue boxes, error messages of Windows/Mac/Unix, etc.

Advertisement must not resemble the content of Õhtuleht.

Advertisements must not contain elements simulating interactivity - including drop-down menus, search boxes etc, when in fact the functionality has not been added to the banner.

Advertisement must not imitate news headlines in design, in tone, as a third party sentence structure nor as raising a topic.

Adding cookies to advertisements is prohibited.

Õhtuleht has the right to remove any advertisement that harms or disturbs the readers or the functionality of Õhtuleht.

Õhtuleht will not publish banners where frames change, blink or vibrate faster than once per second.

Submission Deadlines for Advertisements

The submission deadline for standard advertisement is at least 1 workday before the beginning of the campaign.

The submission deadline for interactive advertisements (Rich Media, HTML, trackers of third parties, special solutions) is 2 workdays before the beginning of the campaign. If the material is sent later, Õhtuleht cannot guarantee the exact start of the campaign.

Video banner

The video banner format is MP4 and we advise to keepthe video in the server of Õhtuleht and if needed, you can make the container as you like. Please send us a video file and after we have uploaded it into our server, we will send back the URL of the file.

Requirements for video file:

  • Resolution: 1280x720
  • Format: MP4/h264 (Profile: Baseline, Level: 3.1, Keyframe: 1s)
  • FPS: 25
  • BitRate: 1500 (recommended maximum)
  • Audio Format: Mp3
  • Audio Sample Rate: 44100
  • Audio BitRate: 64 kbps (recommended)
  • Audio Channels: mono (recommended)

If video is meant as VAST preroll:

  • Video Resolution: 646x363
  • Video Format: MP4/h264 (Profile: Baseline, Level: 3.1, Keyframe: 1s)
  • 30 sec

Splash Banner

Splash banner should consist of 2 parts: small part (visible in normal view) and big part (visible when opened). Under special terms the splash banner can be one-piece but then the file should be sent to us for testing 2 workdays before the beginning of the campaign. Splash banner formats are JPG, PNG or GIF.

Scrolling Bar

Scrolling bar has to be a picture (GIF, JPG), sized 1200x35 px.


Sitehat consists of billboard (1206x200) which is connected to side banner (200x400) and background. Sitehat’s background is recommended to be a color code but it can also be a picture in GIF, JPG or PNG format; billboard and side banner have to conform to the same requirements as usual banners. Background can be shown as a repetitive pattern or as a one big picture. Since the size of the background cannot exceed 50 kb, the first option is usually preferred.

Technical Requirements for HTML5 Advertisements

HTML-ad must be in correct .html format and all HTML, CSS and JavaScript functions can be used. The code of the advertisement must compile without console errors.

The advertisement must not involve images, JS, CSS nor other files outside the .zipcontainer sent to Õhtuleht (except CDNs).

Elements of an image used in the advertisement should be sprited from one file.

HTML advertisement must contain at least one clickTAG. There are three steps for adding it:

1) Copy the following code between <head></head> TAGs to define clickTag.

<script type="text/javascript">

function getQueryStringValue(key){return decodeURIComponent( RegExp("^(?:.*[&\\?]" + encodeURIComponent(key).replace(/[\.\+\*]/g, "\\$&") + "(?:\\=([^&]*))?)?.*$", "i"), "$1"));}

var clickTag = 'YOUR_URL_HERE'; window.clickTag = getQueryStringValue("clickMacro") + window.clickTag;


2) Replace YOUR_URL_HERE with web address that the advertisement should point to.

3) Add clickTag to the advertisement. For example adding the clickTag to <body> TAG would look like this:

<body onclick="; return false;">

With multiple clickTags add the next tags as follows:

window.clickTag1 = getQueryStringValue("clickMacro") + ‘YOUR_URL_HERE’;

window.clickTag2 = getQueryStringValue("clickMacro") + ‘YOUR_URL_HERE’;

Tracking pixels can be added inside HTML advertisements. It has to be remembered that tracking code is activated later (after displaying the advertisement) and therefore the statistics of impressions may vary.

HTML advertisement has to be responsive (especially important for mobile advertisements). For that, width and height parameters should be set to 100%. For Adobe Edge advertisements scaleToFit needs to be set to “both”.

HTML advertisements created with tools (Edge, Swiffy, GWD) also need to meet the aforementioned requirements.


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