Salapärane mees, keda Rose McGowan suudlemas tabati, osutus modell Rain Dove'iks. (VIDA PRESS)

Harvey Weinsteini ühe raevukama süüdistajana tuntud Rose McGowan õrnutseb uue kallima seltsis. 

Daily Mail paljastab, et näitlejanna uus kallim ei mahu tavapäraste sooarusaamade alla. Rain Dove kasutab enda kohta isikulist asesõna they ehk "nemad", tahtmata olla ei he ega she.


Some may think this video is Gross. “Whyyy did you do that? Ahhhh nooooo!” Was the first verbal response I got when I shared it to a close friend. But I just laughed. Because to me what is actually “gross” is how much shame people feel for their body being in its natural state. Not everyone naturally has body hair, but those that do (especially those that society identifies as “female”) are taught from a young age that their hair is disgusting. Not of their identity. Not pleasant for others. Something to be ashamed of and removed. The fact that we exist at all is a pure miracle. It’s complex and incredible. What it takes for the hair to exist on your body, should you have it, is a wonderful maze of science that requires a perfect combination of occurrences. Your hair is there to protect You from the suns rays, the environment, and even bacteria that clings to the body by bringing it farther from your skin. It’s functional. A part of your mechanics. So get rid of it if You like, but do it because that’s how You want to maintain your machine. Because hair or not- ugly is a feeling not an aesthetic. No amount of shaving or waxing will ever create true beauty. #WhatsTheFuzzAbout #EducateDontHate #BEardYOURSELF #genderqueer #Gendefluid #lgbtq #bodypositive #effyourbeautystandards #GenderIsTheMatrix @connor_landhauser

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Mõistatuslik modell sündis Briti kõmulehe teatel tüdrukuna, kuid koolis narriti teda meheliku välimuse pärast. Ta mõistis, et lihtsam on tal elada meesterõivaid kandes, ning töötas vahepeal aasta aega mehenime all koguni tuletõrjujana.


“You be prettier with a little lipstick. Maybe even fuckable.” Said a designer in London during fashion week castings once. So I gave it a try. But they were wrong about one thing- it didn’t make me “fuckable” it made me “Don’tFuckWithMe”able. Lipsticks, blushes, mascaras etc shouldn’t be labeled as beauty products. They should be labeled as art products. They help us express ourselves and what we want from the world- just like our clothing or body language. But you can not find Beauty in Lipstick. Rather only in the state of BEing. That’s the key to BEauty. To BE. And if BEing a Being who wears lipstick is part of the You that is You then that’s BEautiful. Because you are being honest about who you are and how you like to express yourself. Not because you have some color on your lips. Also! Don’t get caught up in the socially constructed suggestions for how to wear cosmetics. Do your own authentic honest thing. Have fun. People may give you a hard time for being You but take pride in the fight. Take pride in your commitment to yourself. Take pride in your honesty. I got you. I love you. You’re not alone. #MakeUpSociety #MakeupIsTheMatrix #Lgbtq #genderqueer #genderfluid #lipstick #lipstickittotheman #makeuptutorial #braveheart #lovewins (PS happy 666th post! So many people said in the comments I’d go to Hell for the way I put this on haha. Seems appropriate since heaven is in the clouds and I’m scared of heights. I used to be a firefighter, the flames don’t scare me much. 😂😂😂)

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Modelliks sai Rain Dove tänu kaotatud kihlveole: ta pidi minema Calvin Kleini pesumodellide valimisele. Järgmine päev paluti tal meesmodellide kategoorias kandideerida – ning tööots läkski talle.

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ja siis ütleme, et nad ei olegi peast segi


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